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Mourinho to Wenger: "What's A Mata With You?"

The Chelsea manager responds to Arsene Wenger's complaints over the pending Juan Mata sale by, well, calling him a complainer.

Jack vs. Juan: It'll happen again later this year if the sale goes through.
Jack vs. Juan: It'll happen again later this year if the sale goes through.
Clive Rose

This year's Premier League race has emerged into one with three principal rivals -- and one of the rivalries just got a lot more rivalicious.

As we reported yesterday, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was critical of Chelsea's pending sale of playmaker Juan Mata to Manchester United, using that example to springboard into general discontent with the January transfer window -- which Arsenal has remained inactive in to date.

Now, according to the Guardian, Mourinho has responded to Wenger's criticism by saying that Wenger sure is critical a lot.

The bulletin board material centers around this choice quote:

"Wenger complaining is normal, because he always does. It's something that weknow. When a player plays for a club on August 20 and two weeks later on September 5 plays against the same club with a different shirt, this is normal, because this is the market.

"We don't do the market, we don't do the rules, we have just to do according to the rules. If Wenger sells [Mesut] Özil to Man United in this moment I would be very happy because he sells a very important player. Normally he should be happy that Chelsea sold a player like Juan Mata, but this is a little bit his nature. When he says this is not fair, I think what is not fair is that his team always has the best days to play [getting more rest inbetween games]."

The lollygagging-about Arsenal, playing a rare Friday FA match later today, will luxuriate and order drinks poolside for an extra day before playing matches on January 28, February 2, February 8, and February 12, with a possible FA Cup 5th Round match on the weekend of Feb. 15-16 before facing Bayern Munich in Champions League action on Feb. 19.