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Arsenal FA Cup: ESPN FC doesn't know what soccer, cricket are

Because when I look for an Arsenal preview, what I really want is an international cricket recap.

pictured: not soccer, Arsenal
pictured: not soccer, Arsenal
Darrian Traynor

When I logged on to the Internet today, I hopped on Twitter and checked my mentions to find this, from Honored Commenter 3k:

So I clicked through the link, because of course that was intriguing, and found this:


Like, that's not even close, ESPN. Soccer and cricket are not the same thing, and this post has in no way prepared me to watch the Arsenal-Coventry City FA Cup match tonight. I know no more about either team than I did before, and would definitely have been better off reading a different preview - like, say, the one that Paul wrote for this very website!

Honestly I'm not even sure I know any more about cricket than I did before, though that's probably more because of the steep learning curve I'm working with.

In case you can't tell, I really enjoy making fun of ESPN when the object presents itself. It's an important rule of comedy: always punch up.