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The Mata of Jose Mourinho

The Chelsea manager has gone out of his way to inflict pain on Arsenal, and he looks as if he's becoming more cruel as time wears on.

Michael Steele

Jose Mourinho is a cruel human being. There's just no way around it, I've tried --I've REALLY tried-- to like him again but he has finally broken me: the admiration is gone, the bridges burnt. The heart? Shattered, crushed and swept up in a heap that has been sprinkled from the highest seat of the Emirates like gentle snow falling carelessly on the Thierry Henry statue. Where there was once awe, like gazing at a wildfire from a distance, there is now the utter pain and resentment that comes with actual contact of that destructive force.

There's just no reason beyond innate cruelty and vindictiveness that a manager would sell Juan Mata, bearded, struggling, and glorious to a struggling Manchester United side that doesn't deserve anything good in this world. The Juan problem that I have --and this is no time for puns-- is that we've already lost to Manchester United once this season, and now if they actually get a midfielder who isn't stuck in the Twilight Zone skill-wise, the prospect of our fated title challenge could be at risk.

Mourinho isn't a stranger to spite, he practically bedded her scandalously when he admitted that he halted Arsenal's move for Demba Ba because Arsenal bought Mesut Ozil around the same time. Admittedly, it is a smart move not to sell to your title rivals and help strengthen them, as we've learned the hard way with the Robin van Persie debacle, but he then turns around and gives a helping hand to Manchester United in the form of a short, back-packing Spanish man. He even bored fans to death in a highly anticipated match by instructing his team, a team full of attacking talent, to play as defensive as possible. Like some sort of deranged Helenio Herrera.

If United are rejuvenated because of Juan Mata and somehow make the top four, then Mourinho would have done a better job as Manchester United manager than David Moyes. And if they are somehow able to beat Arsenal again because of Johnny Killer, then I fear that my hate for the Happy One will close in on eye-poking levels.

He knows deep in his heart that Juan Mata was supposed to be an Arsenal player, he even smiles like an Arsenal player --that goofy, genuine smile that could stop wars, famously worn by Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski, and former Arsenal legend, Andre Santos. But instead of doing right and sending Mata to PSG or exiling him in Italy like a proper super-villain, he chooses to use his powers to spite Arsenal after already breaking the hearts of Chelsea fans by benching Mata for eons.

I shouldn't be surprised though, this is the same man that caged a beautiful creature like Shevchenko. He has hurt, and he will hurt again.