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Arsenal vs. Fulham: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Some highlights, not-so-highlights, and all that stuff.

Clive Mason

Another efficient win.  Another win where Arsenal didn't play at their best for big stretches of the match.  But three points is three points, and Arsenal find themselves at the top of the table yet again.  Let's dig in to some details, shall we?


- First and foremost, it needs to be said because it doesn't get enough attention/acclaim:  Arsenal have a really, really good defense, that again today was boss.  Scoring goals is sexy and fun, but without the stingiest defense in the Premier League, Arsenal wouldn't be at the top of the table.  Laurent Koscielny, in particular, had a fantastic game today.

- Podolski, picking up where he left off.

- Cazorla's whole game, but mostly his five goal-scoring minutes of brilliance.


- The first half.  Is it really too much to ask that Arsenal focus for 90 consecutive minutes?  I love that they can switch it on seemingly at will, but sustained concentration seems, for whatever reason, to be a bit beyond Arsenal right now.  If they can tighten things up a bit, they'll be dominant.

- Flamini.  He was all over the map today, for some reason.

- Serge, please don't shoot from distance any more, okay?  Thanks!


- Clint Dempsey