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Arsenal 2-0 Fulham: instant reaction

Arsenal looked poor for a while, but then Santi Cazorla scored twice and they won. Funny how that works.

Clive Mason

For about an hour, it looked like it might be one of those annoying days Arsenal used to have with some frequency. Play poorly against a team you should beat by multiple goals, fail to score any, and either finish with a dire draw or an awful late goal conceded for the loss. Evidently Arsenal don't do that anymore, though. Much-maligned Santi Cazorla had a five-minute brace, and that was basically that.

The first half was pretty dire - Fulham defended well, but Arsenal didn't really do much to make them work. They stepped it up after the half, and pressed Fulham deep against their own goal. With backs against the wall they answered the call briefly - there was a run of play where Arsenal probably could have scored three times, but inexplicably were unable to put the ball in. And then Cazorla happened.

Other than that, not a lot to say about this game. It was pretty dull. In the end, the good kind of dull - but still. I'm going to try to get some biscuits or something.