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Wenger on Wenger: "Never heard of him"

Arsene Wenger is close to signing a new contract, but as Wenger is wont to do, he's keeping quiet about it.

Even Premier League managers get tired, you know
Even Premier League managers get tired, you know
Ian Walton

For a lot of you, Arsene Wenger is the only Arsenal manager you've ever known - 16 years and counting, still as engaged and vital as he was, even if he gets a bit more challenged by his outerwear every year.

The happy state of affairs that is Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager is set to continue, according to the Guardian, who report today that Arsene is on the verge of signing a new deal with Arsenal.  If I had my way, said new deal would keep him as manager until the year 2145, by which time he'd be a Futurama-esque floating head in a bell jar.

Arsene, though, was coy as usual about his contract, saying:

There is a point where you have to decide and there is a point where you have to make your decision public.

So it sounds like maybe it's already a done deal, and he's just waiting to sign and go public.  I don't need to rehash his accomplishments here - I've done that enough everywhere else I've defended him and praised him - suffice it to say he's the best thing to have happened to the club in the modern era, and his re-signing is tremendously good news for the club.