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Wenger Addresses Draxler, Berbatov Rumors

At his Friday press conference, The Professor also has some things to say about the transfer window and UFOs, and our favorite Norwegian brings some additional perspective to the fun that is January.

Wenger says "non" to your transfer rumors.
Wenger says "non" to your transfer rumors.
Michael Regan

Not exactly a newsflash here: Arsene Wenger's not into feeding the transfer window speculation machine, so when he was asked about possible incoming players at today's pre-match press conference, he responded exactly how you'd expect him to.

First up, Dimitar Berbatov. When asked about being linked to a move for the Fulham striker -- who he'll see up close and personal tomorrow, as Arsenal gets set to face the downward-bound Cottagers -- he said:

You should ask the question, do I rate Berbatov as player? Highly. Have we made any approach to sign Berbatov? No.

When asked directly whether Arsenal would sign Berbatov, Wenger summarily threw a wet blanket on all striker rumors by effectively saying what Arsenal currently has is good enough.

I don't think so because we have Bendtner who is coming back, we have Yaya Sanogo who is making very good progress in training. Of course we have lost Theo Walcott and that for us was a big blow but hopefully we can compensate. We have not made any approach.

This would presumably include the rumored interest in Juventus' Mirko Vucinic -- Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano tweeted the latest (or, if you prefer, "latest") this morning:

As for Draxler, he not only denied that a signing was imminent, but responded to rumors that Draxler had trained at Arsenal's grounds in November, by saying:

That's like a non-identified flying object. Some see them everywhere.

That led our new favorite Norwegian, Jan Aage Fjortoft, to tweet news (or, if you prefer, "news"), along with some trolling:

Jan Aage did, however, tweet some medical update news on Draxler which, if true, puts the injury in the Happily Not So Serious After All Zone:

Wenger also did another round of grumping about the January transfer window, but in that, noted that if there was to be activity, it would likely be in the last three days. He didn't specify whether this would be Arsenal activity or activity in general, but he said that you can pretty much count on another 11 days of inactivity, despite the admittedly minor wheeling and dealing that Chelsea and Everton have been doing in this window.