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Lukas Podolski hates Tottenham at an appropriate level

Things like this are the reason why I love the crazy bastard.

Shaun Botterill

Evidently this afternoon Lukas Podolski decided to do a quick question and answer session with his Twitter followers on his account (that's @Podolski10, if you're interested). I usually really like these, because it's a fun way to see players' personalities, especially if they're goofballs.

Lukas Podolski is a goofball.

Yeah, that's some good stuff.

I know it's silly to expect the players to care about this stuff like the fans do - this is their job, and they move around enough that it's hard to expect any real loyalty, and always has been since the dawn of time. Clubs rarely show it to players, and I expect little in return. But Arsenal's usually better than most clubs about things like that, and I enjoy seeing guys get into it.

High morale is a beautiful thing. Check out Poldi's Twitter feed for more fun.