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Arsenal player makes UEFA Team of the Year

Mesut Ozil made the fan-voted all star team for the calendar year 2013.

Scott Heavey

Fan-voted all star teams usually aren't my cup of tea, because a lot of the time they turn more into popularity contests than actual expressions of quality. That's especially true when the vote is done on the Internet, where campaigns spring up to get Your Team's Favorite Player on the list.

I'm not sure whether that happened in this case or not, but our boy Mesut Ozil is on the UEFA Team of the Year for 2013. So since in this case an Arsenal player (and one I like in general) is the one getting the plaudits, I'll put on my hypocrisy hat and celebrate it.

By my reckoning (that is, a quick scan of the site's History page) it looks like Ozil is the first Arsenal player to make the team since Cesc Fabregas back in 2008. Fernando Torres was also in that team, if that tells you anything about how long ago that was.

Here's the team in full, for those who care:


Manuel Neuer


Philipp Lahm

Thiago Silva

Sergio Ramos

David Alaba


Gareth Bale

Marco Reus

Mesut Ozil

Franck Ribery


Cristiano Ronaldo

Zlatan Ibrahimovic