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How to pronounce Mesut Özil's name

Because let's face it, we're probably all doing it wrong.

"no, no, wrong AGAIN."
"no, no, wrong AGAIN."
Joern Pollex

I can pretty much guarantee that if you're at this site, you aren't yet tired of hearing stuff about Arsenal's signing of Mesut Özil. If you are, well, I'm sorry. But you shouldn't have clicked on this story then, should you?

I try really hard to make sure I pronounce people's names right. That comes in large part from my own name. Hardly anyone gets my last name right on their first try, and for some reason everybody wants to call me Tom. I don't like it, so I try to avoid the same mistake with other people.

Mesut Özil is likely to experience this a lot over the next few weeks - he's moving to a new country where people don't really speak either of his primary languages (Turkish or German), nor the one he's been working on for the past several years (Spanish). His name is Turkish, and he's from Germany, and he's coming to England.

So he might want to just play this video for his new teammates, and keep it bookmarked on his phone, and that way he doesn't have to listen to people mangling his name quite as much.

may-SUIT Uh-zeal. There we have it.