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Podolski Out For Three Months

Welcome back to reality!

Michael Regan

Lost in all the Özil stuff this last couple days is the fact that there are also other Arsenal players, and there is other Arsenal team news.  I know, right? And today in Arsenal team news, guess what? it's not good news!

Lukas Podolski has had his tweaky hamstring scanned, poked, prodded, and otherwise tested, and it failed as badly as a kid who parallel parked onto the curb and knocked over a parking meter during his driver's test.  His original prognosis was 8-10 weeks, but after his visit to the doctor he's now ruled out for three months, leaving Giroud and Theo as the only first-choice forwards, and possibly rushing the development of Yaya Sanogo.  Or we could be seeing more of Bendtner.  Yay?

So yep, the Arsenal injury epidemic continues.  There were no major injuries out of this weekend's game (hey remember that Arsenal actually played a game Sunday?), and hopefully that is a trend that will continue, because despite everything that's happened, Arsenal are still sorta thin, squad-wise.  More awesome than two days ago, sure, but still thin.  Stay healthy, everyone.