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Arsenal vs. Stoke City: Three Questions

It's becoming a thing, so here's the next bit of thing.

Christof Koepsel

Normally for Three Questions, we like to turn to the SBN blog for the team Arsenal are to face in their next match.  In a bit of news that is about as surprising as is the fact that trying to swim across the Pacific using only water wings and a kickboard is a bad idea, Stoke City does not have an SBN blog.  So, I turned to my friend Mark, a lifelong Stoke fan who grew up just outside Stoke (in a town with a street named after his family, who has lived there for something like ten generations!), looks just like Dave Mustaine, and is generally awesome, to see if he'd help me out.  Turns out my friend Mark was unavailable, as he has guests in town for the weekend, so there went that idea.  Thanks for nothing, dude.

So, here follows my three questions for Stoke, and the responses, drawn at random and out of context, with translation from Google, from this fine website.

TSF: The Mark Hughes era has started for Stoke City.  How different is Hughes from Pulis, and are fans happy with the new regime so far?

Answer: Looks like Hughes has understood that Adam is obvious. Now I hope he starts with Pennant, Jones and Crouch. Then this could be really good. Go on. Have a great weekend.

TSF: Are fans happy with the squad now that the transfer window is shut until January?  What holes still need to be addressed?

Answer: Stoke City midfielder Matthew Etherington believes the new signings at Stoke and the competition to get to play only the sound. 32-year-old has started every game under Mark Hughes this season, but he admits that if he does not perform in every game, there is no place on the bench as well. Especially with the new signings Jermaine Pennant, Ouassama Assaidi and Marko Arnautoivc breaths on his neck.

To the local newspaper The Sentinel Etherington had the following comment: "I'm not going to be here for the rest of my life, so the competition is good because it does keep you on your toes."

TSF: What should Arsenal be looking out for from Stoke this weekend?

Answer: Marc Wilson was retrained to left back under Tony Pulis, but under Mark Hughes, he has been turned back to its original place on the field as a central midfielder. There has also impressed Irishman, and now think Wilson that he and his teammates can continue the good start of the season by shocking Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium this coming Sunday. The match will be the second game this season that will be broadcast live on television for Stoke and it had tasted good to take points while the cameras are on.

Thanks, Norway.