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Özil given number 11 shirt by Arsenal

We're going to be talking about the guy for a hot minute. Here's his shirt.

not anymore, bro
not anymore, bro
Jasper Juinen

The Arsenal Twitter account just revealed new midfielder Mesut Ozil's shirt number for the club. DRUM ROLL PLEASE:

Yeah, I think that pretty much every person who follows Arsenal had an idea he'd end up in the #11 shirt. The #10 is Jack Wilshere's, the #8 and #6 are both locked up by Mikel Arteta and Laurent Koscielny respectively, and there's no way we're putting him in the #2. And going up into the 20s would just be absurd to me, as somewhat of a shirt number traditionalist.

Honestly, though, they could probably have put him in the number "pi" and spelled his name wrong, and he'll still be an amazing player and they'll still sell about a million shirts. So really this doesn't matter, BUT JUST LOOK AT IT. HIS NAME IS ON IT AND EVERYTHING.