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Nicklas Bendtner will stay at Arsenal, in news that should surprise nobody

The Danish striker will literally never leave Arsenal, but hey, maybe that's not a disaster?

Marco Luzzani

While reports today have claimed that Arsenal have been working to move Nicklas Bendtner on, specifically to Crystal Palace, it appears the failed Demba Ba loan has killed the plan.

That's not really great news, because I think we'd all prefer to see a different player here instead of Bendtner, because nobody really likes him all that much. But if I could play devil's advocate, for just a moment:

I mean, it is technically true. It doesn't make me particularly happy, but you take what you can get. Of course, it's also possible that Arsenal could bring in another striker in the next couple of hours, but right now it looks like we're going with Yaya Sanogo and Theo Walcott as backup strikers. And Bendtner. Hey, crazier things have worked.