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Bendtner to Crystal Palace depends on Arsenal bringing striker in, says Steve Parish

In an interview on Sky Sports News, the Palace co-chairman says Bendtner's move across London depends on other deals.

Claudio Villa

Nicklas Bendtner's move to Crystal Palace may fall apart unless Arsenal are able to bring in a replacement by day's end, according to the club's co-chairman. Steve Parish said on Sky Sports News that he was hoping to bring the Danish striker in, but that it depended on Arsenal's other business being completed.

If the phrase "Bendtner deal hits snag" isn't familiar to you, well, welcome to Arsenal! May I take your coat? The man seems cursed, and no matter what happens for the rest of the day, I would not be surprised at all if Nicklas Bendtner was still at Arsenal this time tomorrow.

It's a bit unfortunate for Palace, who would probably be getting a relatively useful player in return. But I guess when you try to enter into business around Bendtner, this is exactly the risk you take. We have three hours left, so if a striker shows up at the Emirates, expect to see Bendtner join Marouane Chamakh.