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Transfer Deadline Day: More Discussion and Rumors

Open thread #2: GO

Michael Regan

Okay, it's about midday in the eastern United States, so we launch the second transfer discussion thread of the day. Feel free to talk about any Arsenal-related transfer rumors here, or if you like you can get into stuff from other clubs. Anything's fair game.

Like I said earlier, this is like a game thread - emotions are sure to run high at some point. That said, the same rules apply: be as nice as possible, basically. Do your best to act like humans and remain civil. We're all friends here, surely we can do it.

The main talking points so far, for those who are just turning up: Mesut Özil appears close to a move to Arsenal. Demba Ba is also a possibility (probably on loan), as is goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano. So things could be going pretty well, if all that can be closed up before the window closes at 6pm Eastern.