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Arsenal transfer target Yohan Cabaye staying at Newcastle

Toon's asking price appears to simply have been to high to be worth it for Arsenal.

have fun with that
have fun with that
Julian Finney

While it doesn't appear the urgency was ever there for Arsenal, transfer target Yohan Cabaye appears to be set to stay at NewcastleToon wanted upwards of £20 million for the French midfielder, but Arsenal were unwilling to go that high.

And that's likely because the player wouldn't have been a guaranteed starter. It appears that part of the reason the deal fell apart was because Cabaye decided he didn't want to come - possibly because of some odd dealings by owner Mike Ashley. Allegedly, Cabaye was allowed to eavesdrop on the talks and, well, this happened:

Well, I mean, it's not untrue, is it?

It seems a bit underhanded to let the player in on the negotiations without the other side having any knowledge of it, but I suppose all's fair in love and transfers. Also, it's certainly possible that this report is totally untrue, in which case it's not underhanded at all. But honestly, £25 million really is too much for Cabaye, unless you're absolutely desperate. Or he's going to be the centerpiece of your team. Neither appears to be the case for Arsenal at the moment.