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Reports: Angel Di Maria deal is dead

This shouldn't surprise anyone, with the other things going on today.

Denis Doyle

According to Sky Sports and others, it appears unlikely that Real Madrid's Angel Di Maria will come to Arsenal as previously reported. Sky said earlier that with Arsenal's interest in Mesut Özil and Demba Ba growing, their interest in bringing in the Argentine winger was cooling off. And then, this:

If the Özil and Ba deals do come through (or for that matter, only the Özil deal) Di Maria becomes a much less important player, so this is not really a surprise. It does imply a certain amount of urgency for the Özil acquisition, though - but honestly, if that falls through, I'm going to be upset with or without Di Maria.

But it appears that Arsene Wenger has decided he would rather have Özil than Di Maria. I am okay with this.