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Arsenal transfer rumors: Cross says Özil deal done, undergoing medical

The Mirror reports that a fee and personal terms for Mesut Özil have been agreed, and the deal is nearly complete.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

According to John Cross, the only thing standing between Mesut Özil and an Arsenal shirt is his medical exam. The Mirror reports that a fee has been agreed between Arsenal and Real Madrid, while personal terms between player and club are also in place.

If Cross' report is on point - and after this summer, I'm pretty skeptical about everything - the fee will be £42 million, and Özil will be paid around £150k a week. Honestly, for a player of this caliber, I would say that might be a bargain.

Sky Sports is reporting similarly, saying here that the fee is agreed, and reporting on television that the medical is underway as we speak (though confusingly also that the bid hasn't actually been accepted, so who knows). But either way, it seems that the consensus among the reporting clique is that the deal is on the verge of completion. See here:

We've been bitten before this summer, but this one is looking very good for Arsenal. We'll keep you posted throughout the day.

UPDATE: There's more.

He's been on top of this story from the beginning, so he's relatively reliable. The transfer takes another half-step forward.