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Transfer Deadline Day: Discussion and Rumors

Here's your open thread.

Matthew Lewis

Today's the day. We'll likely have a few of these as the day progresses, but treat this post as you would an open thread for a game. Feel free to comment in this thread on anything regarding possible Arsenal transfers, as well as anything else that's going on. The same rules apply: be as nice as possible, basically. Surely emotions will run high, but do your best to act like humans and remain civil. We're all friends here, surely we can do it.

So what's going on so far? Well, for us the big news is that Arsenal appear on the verge of signing Mesut Özil from Real Madrid. We'll be tracking that one as the day progresses, I'm sure. It's unlikely to be done fast, so if it gets done at all it will probably be this afternoon.

Other than that, I'm sure some insanity will occur. There will be a storystream up all day, and any big breaking news will be on the banner on the front page.