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Olivier Giroud's status for Marseille in doubt

There is a lot of confusion over what's happening with Arsenal's only striker as a Champions League date looms.

Clive Mason

On Saturday, Olivier Giroud hurt himself. He had to leave the game. That's essentially the only locked-down, sure information that we have right now about Arsenal's only real striker, and with a trip to Marseille looming on Wednesday, that's an issue.

Giroud himself seems very confident in himself, which is great unless it's false confidence. After the game he tweeted that his knee was fine, and that we shouldn't all be worrying so much about him. Now he tells the Mirror that it was actually his ankle, but he still says there's no problem.

It is not bad. I twisted my ankle but, fortunately, it is nothing major.

Marseille? Yes, I am OK, I will be fine.

Arsene Wenger, on the other hand, is less bullish about Giroud's prospects.

We have a few problems...the main one is Giroud, who has a knee problem. He will have a test tomorrow and hopefully he will be fit. But it will only be decided tomorrow.

So. Is it the ankle, or the knee? Is he fine, or is he yet to be declared fit? I'd tend to go with the manager over the player, simply because he has been the more consistent one with his declarations, but it looks like either way, we won't know anything for certain until tomorrow.