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Arsenal vs. Sunderland: match discussion

Games! - again.

Clive Mason
The Stadium of Light, Sunderland, England
Kickoff: 10 AM Eastern US
Television: NBC Sports Network

Okay, let's try this again. After a long summer we had games to watch; now, after a much shorter (but still long) break for international play, we have games once more. Let us celebrate with merriment and jubilation.

Can you tell there isn't much to say in these match thread posts? But yeah, same rules apply as always. Be nice, even if you get super unhappy about whatever it is that's happening in the game. No nastiness of the varieties related to sex, orientation, race, nationality, or anything like that. It's not cool.

Lineups should be released well before the start of the game. Someone will post them as soon as possible after that. Hopefully there will be some players we've heard of in it, and everyone isn't injured or sick or something. So it goes.


It appears that Santi Cazorla has a minor injury, and will miss the game. Hooray.

And Sunderland:

Let's go.