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Arsenal Injury News Update

Guess what? It's not horrible!

why this is not called the shözil I have no idea
why this is not called the shözil I have no idea
Carlos Alvarez

After yet another stupid international break, we're back to the business of real games this weekend, and with that comes some squad fitness news.  In a radical departure from the usual early-season news, today's news is, let's see, 75% positive!

According to Arseblog News, Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott are fully fit and, one would assume, raring to go for Saturday.  How one rares to go I will leave to your imagination, but there we are.  Mesut Özil, who I will now nickname Alt-0214 in an attempt to remember how to type an umlauted capital O, will also "play a part".  Whether that part is as Gunnersaurus or as a player who will play a big chunk of time while still learning Arsenal's system has yet to be determined, but smart money's on the latter.

The only downside to the stupid internationals (well, other than their existence) was the thigh injury to Tomas Rosicky.  That injury has ruled him out of Saturday, and it has yet to be determined how severe said injury is; we can only hope it's not long-term, but there's been no news as of yet.  This could mean that Özil actually gets a start this weekend; we'll know more in a day or so.

Real football is back!