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Mesut Özil unveiled to the press today at London Colney

Özil's first words as an Arsenal player: "I'm a Gunner." SWOON

Carlos Alvarez

The press conference started off wrong when the first question to new Arsenal signing Mesut Özil wasn't "Can I have your baby?"

Forgiving that massive blunder, everything went as well as could be expected when Arsenal introduced today the transfer signing that's taken the world by storm and, in a way, stole the majority of the spotlight away from Madrid and Gareth Bale.

After a morning training session that produced a litany of incredible photographs, Özil sat down with Arsene Wenger and an interpreter (his English is apparently nicht gut) to answer other lesser questions besides his interest in siring the offspring of Arsenal fans worldwide.  Below, thanks to the Mirror, are some selected answers from the legend himself:

How does he feel to be at Arsenal and playing under Arsene Wenger?

"It feels great, I feel very good here. I'm sure the boss will improve me and I'm proud to be part of the team." "I talked to Mertesacker and Podolski about the Club. I've only heard positive things."

Özil on Arsenal's prospects of winning the EPL:

"Of course [we can challenge for the title]. This is one of the biggest clubs in the world."

Whether or not he feels up to the challenge of the EPL and its notorious physicality:

"I've watched a lot of Premier League games, of course it's very physical but this is a man's sport."

Then Arsene Wenger spoke and said 22 of the most obvious words known to humans:

"Ozil has a style that will integrate our style of play. He has all the attributes to be one of our leaders."

And, last but not least, for all you transfer rubes out there, Wenger confirmed that the club might be looking to add one or two players in the January transfer window.  Feel free to speculate on who that will be (my guess is North West; Wenger likes them young, right?).