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Gedion Zelalem to miss 6-8 weeks

Oh hey, it had been a while since we'd had an injury.

Jamie McDonald

Arsenal youngster and first-team benchwarmer Gedion Zelalem appears to have injured himself, according to Gedion Zelalem's Twitter account. And so:

This isn't literally the worst news in the world, but it certainly isn't good news. According to Jeorge Bird, Zelalem was likely to make his first team debut against West Bromwich Albion in the Capital One Cup. While this isn't going to cost us that game alone, it could lead to a dicey situation. He will have to be replaced by someone, and that's someone who was likely to get a day off. Hopefully that person won't get hurt!

Additionally, though, it's awful because Zelalem has looked quite good in his limited time so far, and it would be pretty awesome for him to get to continue to develop as a player. You do that in playing time, not hanging out with Colin Lewin and the physiotherapy team. But, of course, that ship has sailed. Hopefully Zelalem will come back as strong as he was before, and continue on his rapid ascent through the Arsenal squad sheet.