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Arsenal lining up bid for Mesut Özil?

Reports are flying around that Arsenal have lined up a pre-agreement with Real Madrid for German international playmaker Mesut Özil.

Charlie Crowhurst

Twitter has exploded over the past hour with reports flying in from Spain, from Sky Sports News, from Tancredi Palmeri, from everyone, that Arsenal are lining up a massive bid for German international Mesut Özil:

Now, we have been down this very road before with a number of players this summer. However, that was then. Now, Arsenal are short on numbers, Real Madrid have signed a certain Mr. Gareth Bale, and are probably looking to move a player along and recoup some of the hilarious fee they paid for the Welshman.

Nothing is official and nobody should freak out until the story is official on Arsenal's official club website, of course. But my word, if this is even remotely true...Özil is a truly world-class creative player, and would improve all but probably two teams on the planet.

We will, as always, keep you posted.