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Arsenal vs. Tottenham: Match Thread

It's on.

Let's do this
Let's do this
Clive Mason

Arsenal v Tottenham
Emirates Stadium, North London (is ours!)
Kickoff: 11 AM EDT/8 AM PDT/4 PM BST

So here we are.  The first NLD of the season, featuring Arsenal playing a team that many are anointing the New Arsenal because they went to the store this summer and bought a bunch of stuff.  There's a million cliches about these games - not typical games, form out the window, etc - and they're mostly true; this is a big game for both teams, for various reasons.  For Arsenal, it's a big game because for some reason they need to prove they're still a Big Club; for PBFC, it's big because they want to get away from the kids table and sit with the grownups.

What they'll find is that the grownup table is pretty crowded; they'll probably need to sit at the kids table for a while yet.  There's not a whole lot to say here except GO ON YOU REDS; let's show the neighbors who is the ONE TEAM IN LONDON, shall we?

FRIENDLY NOTE: No matter what happens today, if you decide to go troll at CFC, you'll be banned here.  No debate, no appeal.  Don't do it.  Thanks.


ARSENAL: Szcz, Gibbs, Kos,  Mertesacker, Jenkinson; Ramsey, Wilshere; Cazorla, Rosicky, Walcott; Giroud
Subs: Fab, Sagna, Monreal, Flamini, Sanogo, Gnabry, Zelalem

PBFC: LLoris Rose Vertonghen Dawson Walker Dembele Paulinho Caopue Chadli Townsend Soldado
SUBS: Friedel Holtby Naughton Defoe Sigurddson Sandro Llamela