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Gervinho Is (Finally) Off To Roma

Barring a couple small details, Gerv is now officially an ex-Arsenal player.

He can score!  HE CAN!
He can score! HE CAN!
Jamie McDonald

News today that Gervinho, the not-so-divine forehead, has agreed on an €8 million transfer to AS Roma. So, with that, an eventful Arsenal career comes to a close. Roma still need to dispose of a non-EU roster player, most likely Babu, a Brazilian; I hope "dispose of" means "cut" and not, y'know. I'd hate to see someone die for Gervinho.

Gerv was a frustrating player - he was the typical "flashes of brilliance" guy, but those flashes became fewer and further between. He's a confidence player, and his confidence took a lot of hits in the last couple years; for every stellar cross, there was an awkward miss, and those seemed to get in his head more and more the longer he played.

I very rarely wish any departing Arsenal player ill (except for players whose names rhyme with Blashly Smole), and I will continue that tradition with Gervinho - I hope he finds his confidence, holds on to it like a five year old holds on to his teddy bear, and becomes a good player again. Go get 'em, Gerv.