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Emirates Cup quick recap: Arsenal lose to Galatasaray 1-2

Arsenal played better than yesterday, but managed only the one goal - and Didier Drogba reminded us all why he's the worst.

who cares
who cares
Jamie McDonald

Remember Didier Drogba? Remember how we all hated him when he was with Chelsea? Well he left, for China, a couple of years ago, and after that shockingly failed miserably he returned to Europe with Galatasaray. Today he returned to London with Galatasaray, and he beat Arsenal basically single-handedly - and he did it the way he did so many times with Chelsea, with a bit of diving and a bit of being really good.

Arsenal started out well, and created a load of chances throughout the first half. The one they finished was probably one of the least likely. With about five minutes to go until halftime, a corner was deflected out of the box and passed to Theo Walcott, who crossed in to Per Mertesacker. Everyone missed it, and it ended up in the net. It was an interesting goal.

Drogba came on in the second half, and was Drogba. With about a quarter of an hour to go, Ignasi Miquel looked at Drogba crossways in the box and Drogba went down, and because I guess it's preseason for the officials too, the penalty was given. Drogba scored it himself to equalize.

Gala's second was more real. It was Drogba again - he took the ball into the box and, as he does sometimes, ate Mertesacker alive, and powered the ball into the net. Thus Galatasaray were crowned the champions of the Emirates Cup, and I guess now we're supposed to be worried about things? I don't know, I can never remember how these things go.