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Arsenal vs. Fenerbahce: Instant Reaction Thread

16 straight years.

Hello group stage!  Nice to see you again!
Hello group stage! Nice to see you again!
Ulet Ifansasti

So, that's that - with another easy win over Fenerbahce, Arsenal are through to the group stages of the Champions League, the draw for which takes place this Thursday.  The outcome of the tie wasn't really ever in doubt, but the early goal from Aaron Ramsey pretty much tied a nice little bow around the package; his second goal put a nice gift tag on the package, and I'm glad he didn't get a third because that was a weak metaphor to start with.

The only potential downsides to today was the hamstring-knack that Podolski went off with; no word as to severity yet.  Aaron Ramsey also left a tad early with an unspecified knock, so fingers crossed that's nothing either.

Snark if you will about what is or is not a trophy, but Arsenal have now been in this thing for 16 straight seasons - no other English team can claim that.  This should grease some transfer skids, too, now that CL is assured we will hopefully see some movement on that front this week.  I'm not sure why a 3-0 lead wasn't enough to make potential targets happy, but now that ARSENAL gets written on a piece of paper and stuffed into a hat with a lot of other ping pong balls, that'll hopefully be enough.