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Oxlade-Chamberlain out 12 weeks, not 6, according to Instagram

Make up your damn minds, Arsenal.

Clive Mason

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's injury is odd, but in a typical Arsenal way. First he was supposed to be out for the season. Then he was going to be out for only six weeks. Now, Arsenal appear to have announced - via Instagram - that it's going to be closer to 12 weeks. It's possible this is a social media screwup of some kind, but I'm not going to put my faith in that possibility at the moment.

Obviously 12 weeks is a lot better than missing the entire season, but it's certainly not ideal. The first team squad was already pretty thin, but with several early injuries to important players, it's looking even thinner. Reinforcements can come from the ranks of the reserves team - The OC, for example, could in theory be replaced by a guy like Serge Gnabry - but more would be nice.

Beyond that, though, this is Oxlade-Chamberlain's third year here, and as a young player still I'd been looking forward to seeing how he progressed from last year to now. And the fact that now we have to wait until around November (and maybe longer) to really see him play is a loss. Hopefully his injury won't cause the level of setback that Aaron Ramsey's and Jack Wilshere's have in the past.

And my goodness, Instagram? We're through the looking glass.