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Arsenal Suddenly Much More Inquisitive About Transfers In

Arsenal are visibly more active in the transfer market today, for some strange reason.

Welsh Captain.  New Gunner?
Welsh Captain. New Gunner?
Michael Steele

Arsene Wenger woke up in his closetless house this morning and realized that he also had no more dish soap, and that he had just run out of paper towels.  So, he put on his weekend-knocking-around sweatpants, his old flip flops, and he pottered off down to the market.  What did he find?

He found that the local shopkeepers have discovered Wenger's living situation, and have priced their sundries accordingly.  He had a £10 million bid for Yohan Cabaye rejected; that bid might have been accepted a couple weeks ago, but here we are a couple weeks later and...nope.  But, no fear!  Arsene then went to another shop, in Wales, and asked about the availability of two players with three names between them, Michu and Ashley Williams.  For the two, he is pondering an offer in the region £35 million, and we wait to see what Swansea has to say about that.

So, the merry-go-round continues.