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Arsenal 1-3 Aston Villa: quick recap

Well, that was definitely a thing.

yeah, pretty much
yeah, pretty much
Clive Mason

Honestly, I'm still not entirely certain that actually happened. It kind of seems like a bad dream, but in several hours this post will be here still, reminding me that yeah, we did lose to Aston Villa. And it wasn't great.

What is there to say, really? The refereeing was suspect - I'm not certain either of the penalties given to Villa should have happened, and I have some questions about Laurent Koscielny's second yellow card - but it's poor form to put the blame there. And speaking of poor form, Arsenal! I love the guy, but when Tomas Rosicky is the best player on the team for the last half hour or so, that's not a great sign.

Hopefully we'll have something soon to cheer us up. But right now, I'm not really all that happy that the Premier League season is back. I'd like a redo, please. And I'd guess that at least some Arsenal players agree.