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God hates Arsenal: Mikel Arteta and Santi Cazorla doubts for Saturday

Arsene Wenger updated the status of the two starters and, uh, maybe now it's time to panic?

Yep.  I kinda feel the same way, too
Yep. I kinda feel the same way, too
Richard Heathcote

Well it was bound to turn out this way, I guess.  It's not really an Arsenal start to the season without us falling down after the starter's gun goes off, turning around, and attempting to run the race in the wrong direction.  And so it is, two days before the start of a Sir Alex Ferguson-less EPL season, with manager upheavals at the three clubs who finished above us in the table last season, that we find ourselves with a potentially devastating injury crisis.  Of course.  At this point, it's like we've turned the starting blocks backwards and just said 'screw it, we might as well cut to the chase and just accept our lot in life."

All of that to say that Arsene Wenger revealed that Mikel Arteta is a doubt for Saturday's season-opening match at the Emirates versus Aston Villa thanks to "a slight thigh problem," while Santi Cazorla might miss the match because Ecuador is pretty damn far away from England.  Thanks for nothing, Elon Musk.  Your handy invention would have been a pretty big help at this point.  Additionally, while Wenger said "We have positive news from the players on international duty. All the texts we have had back are okay," Aaron Ramsey left the Wales match early with an ankle knock.

So now there's the problem with the thin squad, one that's been a pretty big talking point 'round these parts as of late.  A lack of depth might come back to hurt us much earlier than we'd hoped for; while there's still time to bring in someone before Saturday, chances that they'd be available for the match are slim at given we're T-minus 48 hours and change away from kickoff.

Cazorla came away fine from the Spain match, so worst-case scenario has him missing only the Villa match.  However, we're unfortunately all too familiar with "slight knocks" ending up as TKO's, so until we receive further news on the status of Arteta's thigh, I'm not really holding my breath because I'll probably pass out from the lack of oxygen to the brain.  I guess I won't complain too much if you decide to panic in the comments below.

I hate this.