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Luiz Gustavo is heading to Wolfsburg. Or he might not be.

I give up. Bueller?

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Daniel Kopatsch

Depending on who you follow on Twitter or what papers you choose to read, you might have mixed emotions at the moment.  Because if you are an avid Die Welt reader, you're probably frantically scouring Google Shopping for the most survivable bomb shelter a citizen can purchase because they're reporting that Luiz Gustavo's off to Vfl Wolfsburg (seriously, though, why they don't roll out new signings from the back of a VW Beetle limousine is beyond me) for an undisclosed transfer fee.  Die Welt's credibility is boosted by Stefan, a Twitter guy with the handle @bvbawesome, in the following tweet:

However, if you follow Raphael Honigstein on the Twitters, you're probably wondering what the general fuss is about, as he's reporting the situation is far from being that clear-cut:

You'll notice that Honigstein doesn't even mention Vfl Wolfsburg as a potential destination, but it does present new wrinkles to this particular transfer saga.  Specifically, Napoli, Inter and Barcelona are clubs that have shown a propensity to spend money like sailors on shore leave when it comes to securing players they target on the market, and Arsene Wenger is loathe to find himself in the middle of a bidding war, especially in the middle of a bidding war with clubs who ruin his subjective valuation of said player.

Where all this leaves Arsenal, I really don't know at this point.  I suggest you continue to do what you've normally done and that's to either overreact or believe things will eventually work themselves out - a Gustavo signing or not be dammed.

UPDATE (1:59pm CDT): So now Vfl Wolfsburg is denying an interest in Gustavo.  This transfer window will go down as one I will never, ever, ever forget.