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Match thread: Arsenal vs. Manchester City

It's the last game before the games start.

it's almost time
it's almost time
Jan Kruger

Okay, so this is it. This is the last game for a while that doesn't matter - unless you count the early international break, which most of us do. But this time next week we'll all be doing this again, but we'll be a bit (lot) more nervous and the stakes will be a bit (lot) higher. The opponent won't be quite as strong, but I guess it can't all ramp up at once.

The game is on beIN Sport, which means that many of us will not be able to watch it on our televisions. REMEMBER: there is an SB Nation rule against asking for illegal streams in the match thread, and there's a much stricter rule about providing them. Don't do it.

Additionally, don't do any racisms, sexisms, homophobias, religion, xenophobia, or generally shitty things. Just be nice and don't get too wound up - it may be Manchester City, but there's nothing real at stake.

Lineups will be posted as they are made available. It'll be good players, evidently.

EDIT: Lineups

That "Perez," by the way, is 20-year-old Colombian trialist Sebastian Perez, a defensive midfielder. He is, evidently, highly regarded by Arsenal (and Juventus and PSG, among others).

Bench: Pantilimon, Richards, Boyata, Kolarov, Garcia, Nasri, Navas, Rodwell, Wright