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Bendtner move to Frankfurt possibly back on

The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived and the Bundesliga club seem to have a relationship like every high school couple ever.

Marco Luzzani

In the Department of Things I'm Tired of Writing Updates About (right now, it's this and Gonzalo Higuain), here's Nicklas Bendtner, again. And once again, it's Eintracht Frankfurt. According to a statement on the team's official website (translated by the Arseblog team here) negotiations are back on, after Danish press reported last week the deal had collapsed.

Frankfurt say that a decision should be made on the move in the next two days, so hopefully this whole thing is nearly over. There's no update on whether any of the terms have changed, so any fee will likely have to be confirmed later. But before, the going rate was around £3 million, so let's stick with that until we have new information, shall we?

Since talks occurred today between Bendtner and Frankfurt, and the decision is supposed to come by Thursday, I predict Bendtner will be loaned to West Ham on August 29th.