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AS: Former Arsenal target David Villa to sign with Atletico Madrid

The Barcelona striker, evidently abandoned by Arsene Wenger, will go to Madrid rather than North London.

I want to punch you so much
I want to punch you so much
Ronald Martinez

AS in Spain is reporting that Barcelona's David Villa will stay in Spain, after being pursued by a number of clubs for the past year or so.

With the signing of Neymar, it's not surprising that the Spanish international would leave Barcelona. But the two clubs most often linked to this point had been Arsenal - more so in winter, but still - and Tottenham Hotspur. Villa is a good player, and after Arsenal evidently dropped interest in favor of other targets, I'll be happy to not have to watch him play and score for Spurs, since they're competing against us for things. Also, his damned soul patch infuriates me.

All in all, this is a "lost" transfer that won't hurt Arsenal that much (if a purchase of similar or higher quality is made) and a player who isn't going to help one of our rivals. Win-win is probably a little strong, but "David Villa to Arsenal" shouldn't be mourned too much.