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Coquelin loaned to Freiburg

The French midfielder will spend the coming season in Germany.

lighten up, Francis
lighten up, Francis
Shaun Botterill

Arsenal have confirmed that midfielder and walking sexual innuendo Francis Coquelin will spend the 2013-14 season on loan at SC Freiburg in the Bundesliga. He's proved a versatile player for Arsenal, but had a sub-par year last year as cover in the midfield for Mikel Arteta and sort of Abou Diaby and, later, Aaron Ramsey.

We discussed Coquelin's disappointing season here, but in short, he's a player with talent who sort of disappeared last year. He still has that talent, but he needs to get a handle on actually wielding it in games, and making the impact that he should be making. A loan is generally a better sign for a player than a sale (well, obviously), in particular when it's a loan that doesn't have a purchase option. This appears to be one of those loans, so hopefully Francis Coquelin will get some playing time, get his stuff together, and come back to Arsenal ready to actually be good.