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Sid Lowe: Higuain to Arsenal very close, medical possible Thursday

The highly respected observer of Spanish football reports that the deal is nearly done.

it's so close
it's so close
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

While yesterday the Higuain-to-Arsenal picture was looking a bit cloudy, the Guardian's Sid Lowe, a widely-respected observer of Spanish football, has brought it into sharper focus today - finally. He reports that Real Madrid's Gonzalo Higuain, the oft-mentioned Arsenal target, has been given permission by Madrid to formally consummate his move to Arsenal, and that Higuain hopes to travel to North London to complete a medical on Thursday.

According to Lowe, the deal would be a three-year, £100,000/week contract with a £23 million transfer fee, which of course would be the highest that Arsenal have ever paid for a player.

The quotes we mentioned yesterday from Higuain's father and co-agent Jorge, from Marca, are mentioned again here by Lowe, so it looks like they were a real thing. From Lowe's translation:

Higuaín's father and agent, the former footballer Jorge Higuaín, told Fox Sports Latin America that a final resolution was close. "We managed to get permission from Real Madrid to negotiate face to face with Arsenal," he said. "Fortunately, I will soon be able to watch my son play in the Premier League."

While The Short Fuse's overall distaste for certain journalists is on record, Sid Lowe is about as far from that as one could get. He was one of the first and best to report on the Santi Cazorla deal last summer, and his knowledge and connections in La Liga are very good. He can be trusted. If he reports this is happening, the grain of salt you should take with it is one of the smallest. Things can still change - never forget how close Arsenal were last year to signing Yann M'Vila before Arsene Wenger pivoted away. But yesterday Paul spoke, I think, for all of us when he asked for this deal to just be done. It looks like we're getting there.

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