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Arsenal away shirt for 2013-14: a video, images, and a poll

Arsenal won't be revealing the new away shirt for a few days, but a teaser video and leaked picture can hold you over.

the last yellow shirt we had
the last yellow shirt we had
Clive Brunskill

One of the highlights of every soccer fan's summer is complaining about the new kit for next year. Every team (and apparel company) spends months planning the design and launch of the new strip for the coming season, and every year people hate them.

At least for Arsenal, I think that will be less of a problem this year. For the last year of Nike's contract, they've gone back to yellow and blue for the away shirt, it appears, which is something people have been clamoring for year in and year out ever since the last time we had a blue and yellow away shirt. Hopefully it's blue and yellow enough for everyone - in this teaser video, it appears to have quite a bit of both. Though the actual shirt's not in it, some of Arsenal's young British star-types show off a bit of the extracurricular apparel.

If you're really unable to wait until July 9th to see what the new away kit actually looks like, Metro has an idea. They've posted a "leaked" image of what appears to be a call-to-action ad from Nike for the new shirt. It looks an awful lot like the 2003-04 Invincibles team's away shirt, which would make sense - next year will, after all, be the ten-year anniversary of the undefeated team. It also matches up with the image posted by Arsenal Brasil last fall; the site is usually pretty spot-on with new kit information, as they've been right months ahead of time for the past two years.

So there, blue and yellow. Though there is a collar too, so maybe that's what people won't like this year. Your thoughts?