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Arsenal May Open Their Wallet Wider As Liverpool Say Nothing

There was a development! Sort of!

just...I mean....c'mon....get it done
just...I mean....c'mon....get it done
Scott Barbour

I won't bore you with the background, because you know it already. Let's jump to today's part of the saga, shall we? Luis Suarez held talks with Liverpool yesterday, as was stipulated by Arsenal's £40,000,001 bid for his services. The Guardian thinks that Arsenal will up their bid and Suarez may then actually go, because Liverpool said nothing public after the meeting. Their logic, of course, being if Suarez had agreed to stay, Liverpool would have instantly issued a statement to that effect.

As rationales for action go, that's not actually the worst one I've ever heard in soccer transfer dealings; it may or may not have any basis in reality, but it's the same logic that dictates publicly traded companies release bad news on Friday evenings, since the markets are closed for the weekend and thus the news won't hammer their stock price, which is a thing that happens. So while I will load this up with the usual caution about taking things with grains of salt, I will also say I've heard crazier things that have come to fruition.

Mostly, I just want this to be over one way or another, but at least there appears to be some sort of...progress? Motion? I don't know. I just know I'm about two hours from having a beer named after me and my Timbers-season-ticket-section friends, which is the most awesome thing ever. Beer is much more awesome than transfer season.