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So...we have one healthy left back right now

Peter Crouch-lookalike Nacho Monreal is due to miss the start of the season with a damaged disc in his back

Jan Kruger

Remember this past January, when Kieran Gibbs decided to go get all hurt and whatnot in that Liverpool match the day before the transfer window closed, thus leaving us with a decidedly out-of-form Andre Santos as our only healthy left back? That was fun. Much like paper cuts and slamming the tip of one of your toes into the corner of a table, we all enjoyed that time and many drinks were consumed as we revealed in our (mis)fortune.

Well, what if I were to tell you that the player we went out to purchase, Nacho Monreal, is now set to miss the start of the season with a back injury and the other two previous options for depth at that position - the aforementioned Santos and Jernade Meade - have left the club? Oh, and the emergency left back in case of injury to Gibbs or Monreal, Thomas Vermaelen, will be out for much of the remaining 2013 calendar year. Hooray beer!

At the moment, all the transfer news attention seems focused on a new striker or midfielder, but I think that's looking like more of a luxury thanks to the sudden crisis we're facing at the thinnest position in the squad. We have multiple options who are healthy and capable of playing at center forward and left winger/forward, and Gibbs is far from a player who can be trusted to play the majority of a season's fixture list, so here's to hoping that Wenger's just as busy at finding - yet again - an emergency left back in the market as he is trying to secure the highly-publicized deals.