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Santos off To Brazil; A Fanbase Shrugs, Says "Later, Dude"

Andre Santos is heading home. Staying home. Whatever.

Don't forget the ball, Andre.
Don't forget the ball, Andre.
Clive Rose

The summer clear-out continues today, with Andre Santos set to stay in Brazil after signing a two-year deal with Flamengo, which the wikis tell me is in Rio, after spending most of 2013 on loan to Gremio, which those same wikis tell me is in Porto Alegre. Thus officially ends Santos' career at Arsenal, a career spanning two years, 23 appearances in all competitions, and a whole lot of...unfulfilled promise? Mediocrity? Awfulness?

Hard to tell, but either way, Santos won't go down as a legend, nor will he be particularly fondly remembered. Sadly, the thing he'll probably be most remembered for is his ill-advised half time shirt swap with Robin van Persie in November last year, which, while kinda dumb, on the scale of dumbness it has to be said ranks fairly low - it wasn't a stupidly-earned red card, it wasn't a blunder that allowed a game-winning goal to score - but the gesture ranked pretty damn high on some people's Populist Rage-O-Meter, and while that didn't influence Arsene's decision to loan him out, it certainly didn't help Santos with the fan base.

He did record a nice goodbye message before heading to Gremio, though, so if nothing else his parents raised him well. So polite!

Hopefully he can find in Brazil what he couldn't find in London, and he'll do better with Flamengo than he did with Arsenal. There's an open locker in the Arsenal changing room now, Arsene. Just sayin'.