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Fiorentina agree to a Stevan Jovetic fee with Manchester City: Sky Sports

Once linked to Arsenal in the past, Jovetic appears to be heading to the Eastlands because Manchester City

Claudio Villa

One day after Edinson Cavani left for greener - much, much greener - pastures in Paris, another Serie A forward appears to be following the oil money. This time, so says Sky Sports, Stevan Jovetic is this much closer to an exit after his current club Fiorentina have agreed to a fee with Manchester City.

So Arsenal fans will be able to see Jovetic play after all. The bad news is that it'll be twice a year and we'll be tasked in trying to stop him from scoring for The Citizens. If there's any consolation, hopefully this pushes Samir Nasri further down the bench, but I digress.

The striker market, once a bubbling, cute stream with oil painters on its banks wearing funny hats and smoking cigarettes using long holders, is now a raging river flooding its banks full of mud, money and expensive, exotic players - many who don't yet know their final destination yet understand it's about to be sudden and probably unexpected. Hopefully one of them washes up on the Ashburton Grove shore sooner than later.