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What really matters to you, the fan?

The fury around the potential Luis Suarez purchase leads me to ask a very important question

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Julian Finney

Arsenal maybe, possibly, realistically could be signing Luis Suarez soon, which has created quite the outcry from all corners of our club's fan base. On one hand, you have people who can't understand how a club with the rich and extremely-proud history like ours would stoop to the level that would be bringing such an unbecoming gentleman aboard. On the other hand, you have folks who see the club finally spending some money on a player whose talents are indisputable.

It's quite the conundrum; those who want him aboard don't deny, for the most part, that Suarez generally is short a few marbles in the head while on the pitch, and those who've apparently taken a bold, righteous vow to stop following the club if they bring him on understand he's part of this so-called mythical "world-class player" category. What's not debatable, I believe, is that who Arsene Wenger and others at the club target look for attributes that we, as fans, don't rate as highly (or as low as they do).

So, as the title suggests, what matters to you, a fan of Arsenal? We know our history all too well, that our net transfer spend is laughable compared to other Top Top Clubs since we've taken the Ashburton Grove project on, that we've somehow finished top-4 every season since then and that we're now in a position to spend like other Top Top Clubs that could potentially put us in a position to win the league. A league, mind you, minus Sir Alex Ferguson and more open and winnable than ever before.

When the club goes out to spend these new-found sponsorship and TV riches on talents that have been literally begged for by fans worldwide all these years' past, do you rate talent above character? Or would you prefer that Arsenal bring on players whose moral fabric is of the highest count? Ideally both would be the best but since we're talking about professional athletes, more often than not they have just as many flaws in their suit of ethical armor than us Regular Joe's and Jane's. Maybe more. So if we can't have our cake and eat it too, what matters more to you in regards to potential Arsenal transfer targets?

Talent...or character?