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Another Transfer Rumors Thread

This makes three more of these than should exist.

This guy went to my college!  And was in the Fastbacks!
This guy went to my college! And was in the Fastbacks!
Otto Greule Jr

The first one was an out-of-left-field sensation that fans bought and played nonstop, after the first few thousand copies generated some serious buzz. It spawned hits on the radio, it breathed a lot of new life into a genre that was kinda tired, and it ended up in part redefining what that genre was capable of. Even if you didn't like it, it was hard to avoid if you were at all interested in mainstream popular culture.

The second one was a solid effort, but it seemed like it was coasting a bit after the runaway success of the first one, and didn't really stake out any new direction or anything.

The third one is all ego - it's twice as long as it needs to be, it may or may not be released in two parts, and it will be followed by a tour during which the band will show up late, if at all, play short sets, and insult the crowd for wanting a normal sized set that starts on time. Then there will be the inevitable retreat into isolationist weirdness, a decade-plus long wait for the next one, and cornrows.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Guns 'N Roses here's your next transfer rumor thread.