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Arsene Wenger talks new contract

Arsene Wenger has started talking with Arsenal about a new contract, and spoke about it on Friday.

Stu Forster

On Friday, in his first press conference of the season, Arsene Wenger talked about extending his contract, which of course expires at the end of the upcoming season. With no major players to leave Arsenal this summer, the press jumped upon Wenger's contract length, repeatedly linking him with the Paris St Germain job. Wenger responded to that speculation in typical Wenger fashion, saying "if that was the case, then I would be there already. My heart is with Arsenal".

Wenger also moved to squash rumours that Wenger would take up the PSG job next season, stating that he was "committed to staying longer at this club. We had already a chat with Ivan [Gazidis, the chief executive]. It went very well ... not a problem".

I think this is undoubtedly good news. Wenger came under fire from many quarters last season, including yours truly, but given the way Arsenal responded at the end of the season should've removed doubts from many. The fact that Wenger has been able to keep Arsenal in the top 4 despite many financial restrictions is a testament to his managerial ability, and I believe he deserves the chance to spend the cash that Arsenal have earned.

Yet, Wenger does not want to be automatically given a new contract, which is a rebuke to one of the more moronic ideas, that Wenger is "not under pressure". He is under pressure; from himself, to the point where he doesn't feel he shouldn't get a new contract if he doesn't do well.