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Frankfurt signing Sparta Prague's Kaclev instead of Nicklas Bendtner

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This is now getting sad. TGSTEL has one less option now that the Bundesliga club has opted to go in a different direction

Michael Regan

518bcd4e055ee_medium ♪♫ TAKE A LOOK AT ME NOW AND TAKE A TASTE OF THE MONEY ♪♫

51dd698c8c5f5_medium Nik here; you're welcome.

51dd6a5f9313f_mediumMy man!

51dd698c8c5f5_medium What up, doe? I knew you'd come through for me!

51dd698c8c5f5_medium I gotta run Jigga, but give me the breakdown on the contract details with Frankfurt while I sit in this tanning booth and practice my duck face.

51dd6a5f9313f_medium Motherf*cker, for the last time, I'm not Jay-Z, my name is --

51dd698c8c5f5_medium Shawn Carter? Hov? H-to-the-Izzo? Jazzy?

51dd6c77be27c_mediumCarl, dumbass. My name is Carl Gilbert, your agent for the past ten years. Remember?

51dd6c77be27c_medium Just because I'm black does not make me Jay-Z. Also, Jay-Z wants nothing to do with you; his agency told me to have you stop calling them every week asking for the latest updates.

51dd6c77be27c_medium In fact, I should fire you but since I skipped out on volunteering for the old and decrepit at the local shelter this past year, you're my new charity case.

51dd698c8c5f5_medium Pshaw, whatevs. So Cliff, any news for me? Did you hear back from Rolex?

51dd6c77be27c_medium No. And I don't plan on hearing back from them. I did hear back, however, from Eintracht Frankfurt and --

51dd698c8c5f5_medium -- Tell them I'll only sign if they can guarantee a banner of me on the side of their tiny stadium, with my duck face.

51dd6c77be27c_medium -- God, you're hopeless. No, Nik, they're going in a different direction. They're passing you over to sign Sparta Prague's Vaclav Kadlec.

51dd698c8c5f5_medium Do they know who I am? Did you send them my mixtape? I have way better head shots than this, what's his name, Baklava Cadbury something or other.

51dd6c77be27c_medium Yes, just to acquiesce you and your massive ego, that, if it were a tangible thing would be shaped like a bellend, I did. And they still said no.

51dd698c8c5f5_medium Haterzzz!

51dd6c77be27c_medium Yes, well. I'll continue looking for a new club for you and if you can just find a way to not get in your own way between now and then, that'll make the process that much easier.

51dd698c8c5f5_medium Totes. OK, well hit up Florentino Perez and let them know my services are available once again.

51dd6c77be27c_medium I won't.

51dd698c8c5f5_medium Thanks, Chris. Until then, peace and you're welcome.