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Get Your Ya-Ya's In: Sanogo Signs With Arsenal

French yoof Yaya Sanogo has put Arsenal pen to Arsenal paper and officially joined the club.

Press Association

The silly season is still not over, unfortunately, but now that it's July, all these rumors will start to become actual things, whether those things are signings for Arsenal or signings elsewhere. In the "signing for Arsenal" column today comes news that young French international Yaya Sanogo has signed a "long-term contract" with the club, and will report to training once his duty at the U20 World Cup in Turkey is complete.

This is obviously not a signing for this season, but for the future - but it's still exciting. Sanogo's got a good scoring record already (11 goals in 24 Auxerre appearances) and, lest everyone say BUT ARSENE NOT ANOTHER YOUNG KID WITH PROMISE WE'VE ALREADY GOT LIKE A GOOGOL OF THOSE WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER ONE, don't forget about that other thing people are always screaming about, WE NEED MORE OPTIONS AND MORE DEPTH. Sanogo, right now, is the latter - he's depth, he'll probably see some Cup action this season, and if he proves himself there might force his way into the big boy team sooner rather than later.

Either way, though, there's really no way to see this as anything but a good move for Arsenal - bolstering the squad (SPEND SOME MONEY!!! said everyone, without understanding what they actually mean when they say it), providing options/competition for places, and giving Arsenal fans something to get excited about not just for this year, but for the next few.

Bizarrely, Sanogo's shirt number will be announced on Twitter, so that's a thing that happens now.